Tuesday, 30 October 2012

adrenaline rush and break the fear factor of Bungy Jump

Assalamualaikum. wah its been awhile since im not updating my blog and didnt realize its about more than a year. maybe ive put my self in a busy condition to finish my lab work for master's degree. well, being a full time research student is tough. hurm..tetiba cakap omputih lak, mesti terbawak-bawak mood writing thesis ni.
For this post, I want to share the experience with all of u regarding the activity that i really want to do and it can be said my WISHLIST for extreme and leisure activities as well. but CAUTION! if you have heart disease, abnormal blood pressure you are not recommended to try (mostly for extreme activity).
In short story, I still cant believe THAT I REALLY DID THE BUNGY JUMP! NO WORD CAN DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL! eventhough its only 21 meters height as compared to the among highest bungy jump in the world such as at ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE, COLORADO USA which is approximately 321 meters, me as a first timer feel its still crazy and extreme. After experienced it, im thinking of re-jump with other style ! ahahaaa...
lets do it!!!!! malaysia's first bungy jump
Regarding the fees, u can refer to sunway lagoon website>>http://www.sunwaylagoon.com/rates.asp . u wont regret after enjoy the extreme moment. Before i decided to do this kind of challenge and extreme activity, ive done a little research to ensure that i have the knowledge. I keep blogwalking on others who had experienced this before and had some testimonial. So u can imagine the situation so that, ure not really scared when the time arrives (purpose of mentally prepared) .
Dont worry about the safety because the Bungy Malaysia having well trained/qualified/experienced crew. For adult u need to sign an agreement before jump, you need to read carefully and understand what is in the form. for children, they must be accomponied by their guardian. It is required to know ur weight before Jump to adjust some equipment; for you to choose either to touch the water or not.Ive chosen by jump without touch the water since I dont want to get wet. (not scared aaa.. im wearing tudung).

safety first; im wearing 1st safety equipment

ok ready! still excited at this moment

safety equipment no 2! do i look scared? the crew keep talking to me (less stress/fear) on  how to jump and give some brief explaination.
wah! dont imagine ure going to jump! just relax and cool
When the extreme moment arrives! dont ever imagine ure jumping down from high. just relax and take a deeeeeeeppp breath. The Bungy Crew will count from 5,4,3,2,1......and just JUMP! ------------------ I still cant explain the feeling, what i know is ive been screaming out loudy by saying * YES I DID IT* the fear factor has been eliminated.

the adrenalin rush has started and the heart beat fast!
yeah!! i did it!

After I did the JUMP, ive been certified to overcome all fear and instict by jumping off the bungy jump platform on the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia. And for that, the Bungy Malaysia commend my bravery and ive completed this experinece of sheer insanity at the *BUNGY@SUNWAY LAGOON*!!!.

yes! im being certified by Bungy Malaysia!



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Anonymous said...

wow!! I am very impressed with your courage, this is a rare success of a woman trying very vigorous activity. I hope, for the next activity, I can participate equally. I want to do almost too vigorous activities ..

Schajar McFlurry said...

I would love to try this! Thanx for sharing the experience.. Its useful :)