Monday, 12 November 2012

Fly High with Paragliding

Assalamualaikum bloggers! Today I had my dental appointment and without realizing it has been one year and 9 months to be with you braces! ooo... how time flies guys. to be honest, i dont have mood to write my thesis (only for today) because of teeth condition (sakit la). special case for updating blog because it is kind of relaxing/expressing your current emotion, while write a thesis needs you to be a critical thinker and think out of box. Ok! straight to the point, "study like crazy on weekdays, play like monkey on weekend (NH Mohd Ishak, 2012)"and the idea of this quote is discipline and determined. you have to know how to divide and manage your time and use it wisely.

did you watch TV3 last saturday? yes, they had documented Paragliding activity. Very interesting and quite extreme isnt? actually, I had known all these information about a year ago at TV9 but little information regarding this activity in the internet. because of majalah3, l decided to try this paragliding (spark of spirit). On next Monday, I  collected all the relevant information with paragliding activities by using Mr. google. After analyzed the testimonials from people who had tried paragliding, I thought it was quite interesting and I want to challenge myself (scared of height?). shortly after that, I sent an email to, regarding the procedure to participate this. WoW! very fast positive response from PLUM, and I continued to fill up booking form and waiver agreement.
booking form
read carefully before sign
Saturday had arrived and I was extremely excited, I was about to realize my fifth wishlist for extreme and leisure activities. One thing! item that need to be brought was the DSLR camera (make sure the battery was fully charged) to capture amazing moment. I reached Zone khatulistiwa which located in Banting, Malaysia, and being introduced to Puan Orkid and Captain (B)  Ikhwan  (before this we just comunicate over the phone and email ).

the headquaters

audio vissual session

demo and practice

Before that, i was required to attend audio vissual session, demo and short briefing that would be conducted by Captain Ikhwan. If you have any questions, just forward it.

ok! here wo go! are you ready! ?

the scenary of bukit Jugra!

captain Ikhwan and I (2nd trial tandem flight)
run run run........and floating already
yeah! this was extremely awesome dude!

scared? no! enjoying the view with smile
no word!

i wud never forget this awesome experience

me on first day tandem flight
arghh...i dont listen to him? no! i was excited
dup dap dup dap
best port for photographic session
i hope to be somewhere in New Zealand one fine day!

overall, it was a great experience and strongly recommended to try this. it was safe activity seems it has qualified and well trained instructor . My personnal view,  i think i would like to have my own licence in paragliding (solo) in future which is more extreme. But for now, i have to focus on my study to finish my master degree and insyaAllah til PhD.

for those whose are interested/ have any inquiry:

Malaysia Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association
No 31 Jalan Cemerlang 4, Pusat Perdagangan Banting
42700 Banting Selangor

03-3187 7586
012 281 8032 (Pn Orkid)
014 718 7826 (Kapt Ikhwan)

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

"Why Im Fat"

hello guys!

when you see this picture, what come across to your mind? how change can happen? how do i get the spark? who inspired me alot? what are the challenges?Obviously the different is the size, from big to a not big size ( i can't say small size). What can I say, everything is totally different from previously either outer or inner, even mental or physical. everything will be explained soon.

The timeline


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Memorable Memento of Cruise: I'll be the Romeo and you'll be the Juliet

Hello and how are you guys! Today i would like to share the experience with you guys about "The Feeling of Romeo and Juliet". It all started when mom who had suggested to go somewhere in weekend. Initially, we planned to have surprise birthday treat in conjuction with mom's birthday. As mom getting sick and hospitalized after the diagnosis of Anemia, all plans were cancelled ( the mastermind of this plan was dad, while I was the mastermind for spa slot). But, its ok we managed to realize this "Romeo and Juliet" on the following week and we cant call this as suprise anymore. boooooo... no surprise (fail..shame of me)
 romantic scene of Romeo and Juliet
Because of only mom and I available on that day, didn’t mean that the plan have to be cancelled (the mastermind disappeared as well). Just both of us can enjoy the moment of The Titanic, mom would be the Juliet and I would be the Romeo! Why I have to be the Romeo? Because I have to take care of mom (shes anemic patient remember, but seems to be ok when went for jalan-jalan. Kind of therapy I guess).hehhee..We set off from home early at 10 am to avoid traffic jam and etc, huh well holidays.
Welcome to Cruise Tasik Putrajaya
i got the ticket bebeh!
Finally we arrived at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, then we went to counter in order to get our tickets! to purchace tickets, we can either get it by "walk-in registration" or if you want to enjoy Lunch or Dinner Cruise, you are required to reserve your reservation about a week before ( depends on availability of seat) by email through the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya management. For more info regarding fees and promotion >
inside the Cruise
If you are a MyKad holder, you can enjoy the discounts offered. If you are student or government servant, you can still enjoy discounted rate as well (double discouts! wow lets grab this opportunity guys!) . You just need to show your card (MyKad/student card/ staff card) as a proven. 
Obviously different from Remoe and Juliet! hahha...
mom with her own style!

she just enjoying her moment while cruise-ing
photo session is ON!
another photo session!
It takes about 45 minutes of tour on the cruise in lake of Putrajaya and short brief regarding Putrajaya Lake was given by the tour guide. You can enjoy the moment and scenary on the cruise and mimic the scene of "Romeo and Juliet".
The foreigner! macam kat obersi lak but in fact just in MALAYSIA
the memento between Mom and I
I didnt bring 550D canon and the quality of pictures were not that good, but still ok and satisfied!! We decided to have a lunch there before we went home and I had chosen the nearest restaurant from the Cruise because of over production and secretion of acid in the stomach (da lapar sangat) haha. So just Say Hello to Nando’s! Well currently, Nando’s promoting its new menu which is Chicken Wrap and the taste was good
the best moment! Makan!
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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Panic is Over my head

Hello guys, what are you doing in this weekend? Okay back to find the time I have left; now Im having the opportunity to share something with you guys. Long time ago, I decided to have awalk with my family to celebrate my 49th mom's birthday. Unfortunately, not all the planned projects always come true. Pepatah melayu berbicuara " Ku Sangka Panas Hingga ke Petang, Rupanya Hujan di Tengah Hari". This happens when Mom was diagnosed with Anemia.
mom on bed

Actually, I feel stuck on how to celebrate Mom's birthday and I just love to make a surprise as previous birthday celebration. Before mom gets hospitalized, she often feels dizzy. Hence, the idea sparked to bring my mom to the Spa. But then, i realized this would not going to happen when I got a phone call saying that mama was hospitalized. Ya Allah, what should I do?? Mom admitted in the hospital for two days before she being allowed to return home. Mom's condition going back to normal after received 3 pain ( I don’t know what’s the exact term but the sound is just like that) blood transfusion.

mom and dad! look young i guess?

happy face!
Ive changed my mind to give something valuable for you mom! taraaaaaa.... blood pressure measurement. So, after this Mom’s blood pressure can be monitored from time to time. And also, i did bought Soto and Satay as well for birthday party celebration!

Happy birthday MOM and stay healthy!

simple birthday cake from your daughter

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Craziness of Go Karting, Experience Yourself!

How are you bloggers! Hopefully u guys stay healthy. Just to share, Well, since a long period of time I’m not updating my blog.. approximately after a year and a few months, NOW it's the time for me to marathon blogging. yeay! On 22/09/2012, I was realizing my first wishlist to play go-kart! I remember if we want to play go-kart, we have to go SEPANG, apparently by googling for information! So close from my house, only in section 13 Shah Alam, near to Stadium Shah Alam.

memory lane
im in the real track of go-karting!

When I reached the destination, I was extremely felt excited! Wow and gonna rock ~ ~~ ~ first wishlist already in front of my eye. Without wasting time, I went to registration and payment counter.There were two types of go-kart either to choose 80 cc or 100 cc. I was dumbfounded for a moment, on how to choose what cc. After thinking for awhile, ive decided to race 80 cc. hahahaa! later ill choose 100cc worry then.

the go-kart scene
me look scared?! no its not im just being excited bebeh!

After i did payment, I was asked to wait for my turn and it is required to wear a safety helmet. It is very easy on how to play go-kart, it just like driving an automatic vehicle. I just keep screaming and shouting while go-karting! Satisfied! Crazy and fun! Do have a try guys and u won’t regret!

If you have any enquiry u may contact:
City Karting
Shah Alam Section13
Tel: +603 5512 5868/1649

today I’m attending a conference organized by the MALAYISAN SOCIETY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY (MSMBB) held at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Participation to the conference is important as a requirement to obtain a master's degree. I hope that I can be awarded best poster (amin) since it is my last presentation doing research for master. Alhamdulillah, I have attended a total of four conferences with five poster presentations conference. May Allah ease all the obstacles to face challenges to earn my masters degree and graduate soon. For your information the most interesting part in each conference is the food, wow Tasty!
me and my poster BM9

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

adrenaline rush and break the fear factor of Bungy Jump

Assalamualaikum. wah its been awhile since im not updating my blog and didnt realize its about more than a year. maybe ive put my self in a busy condition to finish my lab work for master's degree. well, being a full time research student is tough. hurm..tetiba cakap omputih lak, mesti terbawak-bawak mood writing thesis ni.
For this post, I want to share the experience with all of u regarding the activity that i really want to do and it can be said my WISHLIST for extreme and leisure activities as well. but CAUTION! if you have heart disease, abnormal blood pressure you are not recommended to try (mostly for extreme activity).
In short story, I still cant believe THAT I REALLY DID THE BUNGY JUMP! NO WORD CAN DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL! eventhough its only 21 meters height as compared to the among highest bungy jump in the world such as at ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE, COLORADO USA which is approximately 321 meters, me as a first timer feel its still crazy and extreme. After experienced it, im thinking of re-jump with other style ! ahahaaa...
lets do it!!!!! malaysia's first bungy jump
Regarding the fees, u can refer to sunway lagoon website>> . u wont regret after enjoy the extreme moment. Before i decided to do this kind of challenge and extreme activity, ive done a little research to ensure that i have the knowledge. I keep blogwalking on others who had experienced this before and had some testimonial. So u can imagine the situation so that, ure not really scared when the time arrives (purpose of mentally prepared) .
Dont worry about the safety because the Bungy Malaysia having well trained/qualified/experienced crew. For adult u need to sign an agreement before jump, you need to read carefully and understand what is in the form. for children, they must be accomponied by their guardian. It is required to know ur weight before Jump to adjust some equipment; for you to choose either to touch the water or not.Ive chosen by jump without touch the water since I dont want to get wet. (not scared aaa.. im wearing tudung).

safety first; im wearing 1st safety equipment

ok ready! still excited at this moment

safety equipment no 2! do i look scared? the crew keep talking to me (less stress/fear) on  how to jump and give some brief explaination.
wah! dont imagine ure going to jump! just relax and cool
When the extreme moment arrives! dont ever imagine ure jumping down from high. just relax and take a deeeeeeeppp breath. The Bungy Crew will count from 5,4,3,2,1......and just JUMP! ------------------ I still cant explain the feeling, what i know is ive been screaming out loudy by saying * YES I DID IT* the fear factor has been eliminated.

the adrenalin rush has started and the heart beat fast!
yeah!! i did it!

After I did the JUMP, ive been certified to overcome all fear and instict by jumping off the bungy jump platform on the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia. And for that, the Bungy Malaysia commend my bravery and ive completed this experinece of sheer insanity at the *BUNGY@SUNWAY LAGOON*!!!.

yes! im being certified by Bungy Malaysia!