Sunday, 4 November 2012

Panic is Over my head

Hello guys, what are you doing in this weekend? Okay back to find the time I have left; now Im having the opportunity to share something with you guys. Long time ago, I decided to have awalk with my family to celebrate my 49th mom's birthday. Unfortunately, not all the planned projects always come true. Pepatah melayu berbicuara " Ku Sangka Panas Hingga ke Petang, Rupanya Hujan di Tengah Hari". This happens when Mom was diagnosed with Anemia.
mom on bed

Actually, I feel stuck on how to celebrate Mom's birthday and I just love to make a surprise as previous birthday celebration. Before mom gets hospitalized, she often feels dizzy. Hence, the idea sparked to bring my mom to the Spa. But then, i realized this would not going to happen when I got a phone call saying that mama was hospitalized. Ya Allah, what should I do?? Mom admitted in the hospital for two days before she being allowed to return home. Mom's condition going back to normal after received 3 pain ( I don’t know what’s the exact term but the sound is just like that) blood transfusion.

mom and dad! look young i guess?

happy face!
Ive changed my mind to give something valuable for you mom! taraaaaaa.... blood pressure measurement. So, after this Mom’s blood pressure can be monitored from time to time. And also, i did bought Soto and Satay as well for birthday party celebration!

Happy birthday MOM and stay healthy!

simple birthday cake from your daughter

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