Monday, 12 November 2012

Fly High with Paragliding

Assalamualaikum bloggers! Today I had my dental appointment and without realizing it has been one year and 9 months to be with you braces! ooo... how time flies guys. to be honest, i dont have mood to write my thesis (only for today) because of teeth condition (sakit la). special case for updating blog because it is kind of relaxing/expressing your current emotion, while write a thesis needs you to be a critical thinker and think out of box. Ok! straight to the point, "study like crazy on weekdays, play like monkey on weekend (NH Mohd Ishak, 2012)"and the idea of this quote is discipline and determined. you have to know how to divide and manage your time and use it wisely.

did you watch TV3 last saturday? yes, they had documented Paragliding activity. Very interesting and quite extreme isnt? actually, I had known all these information about a year ago at TV9 but little information regarding this activity in the internet. because of majalah3, l decided to try this paragliding (spark of spirit). On next Monday, I  collected all the relevant information with paragliding activities by using Mr. google. After analyzed the testimonials from people who had tried paragliding, I thought it was quite interesting and I want to challenge myself (scared of height?). shortly after that, I sent an email to, regarding the procedure to participate this. WoW! very fast positive response from PLUM, and I continued to fill up booking form and waiver agreement.
booking form
read carefully before sign
Saturday had arrived and I was extremely excited, I was about to realize my fifth wishlist for extreme and leisure activities. One thing! item that need to be brought was the DSLR camera (make sure the battery was fully charged) to capture amazing moment. I reached Zone khatulistiwa which located in Banting, Malaysia, and being introduced to Puan Orkid and Captain (B)  Ikhwan  (before this we just comunicate over the phone and email ).

the headquaters

audio vissual session

demo and practice

Before that, i was required to attend audio vissual session, demo and short briefing that would be conducted by Captain Ikhwan. If you have any questions, just forward it.

ok! here wo go! are you ready! ?

the scenary of bukit Jugra!

captain Ikhwan and I (2nd trial tandem flight)
run run run........and floating already
yeah! this was extremely awesome dude!

scared? no! enjoying the view with smile
no word!

i wud never forget this awesome experience

me on first day tandem flight
arghh...i dont listen to him? no! i was excited
dup dap dup dap
best port for photographic session
i hope to be somewhere in New Zealand one fine day!

overall, it was a great experience and strongly recommended to try this. it was safe activity seems it has qualified and well trained instructor . My personnal view,  i think i would like to have my own licence in paragliding (solo) in future which is more extreme. But for now, i have to focus on my study to finish my master degree and insyaAllah til PhD.

for those whose are interested/ have any inquiry:

Malaysia Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association
No 31 Jalan Cemerlang 4, Pusat Perdagangan Banting
42700 Banting Selangor

03-3187 7586
012 281 8032 (Pn Orkid)
014 718 7826 (Kapt Ikhwan)

thanks for reading :)


Ernie Widhyharti said...

Oh no, I think I wanna try this out too! *wink wink* Your pics make me high! How much we should pay for this?

dedey said...

u have to try this.. awesome experience and I was enjoying the moment for every second while gliding... the fees of tandem flight per person is MYR 200.00 and its worth dear :p lets fly high