Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Memorable Memento of Cruise: I'll be the Romeo and you'll be the Juliet

Hello and how are you guys! Today i would like to share the experience with you guys about "The Feeling of Romeo and Juliet". It all started when mom who had suggested to go somewhere in weekend. Initially, we planned to have surprise birthday treat in conjuction with mom's birthday. As mom getting sick and hospitalized after the diagnosis of Anemia, all plans were cancelled ( the mastermind of this plan was dad, while I was the mastermind for spa slot). But, its ok we managed to realize this "Romeo and Juliet" on the following week and we cant call this as suprise anymore. boooooo... no surprise (fail..shame of me)
 romantic scene of Romeo and Juliet
Because of only mom and I available on that day, didn’t mean that the plan have to be cancelled (the mastermind disappeared as well). Just both of us can enjoy the moment of The Titanic, mom would be the Juliet and I would be the Romeo! Why I have to be the Romeo? Because I have to take care of mom (shes anemic patient remember, but seems to be ok when went for jalan-jalan. Kind of therapy I guess).hehhee..We set off from home early at 10 am to avoid traffic jam and etc, huh well holidays.
Welcome to Cruise Tasik Putrajaya
i got the ticket bebeh!
Finally we arrived at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, then we went to counter in order to get our tickets! to purchace tickets, we can either get it by "walk-in registration" or if you want to enjoy Lunch or Dinner Cruise, you are required to reserve your reservation about a week before ( depends on availability of seat) by email through the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya management. For more info regarding fees and promotion > http://www.cruisetasikputrajaya.com/
inside the Cruise
If you are a MyKad holder, you can enjoy the discounts offered. If you are student or government servant, you can still enjoy discounted rate as well (double discouts! wow lets grab this opportunity guys!) . You just need to show your card (MyKad/student card/ staff card) as a proven. 
Obviously different from Remoe and Juliet! hahha...
mom with her own style!

she just enjoying her moment while cruise-ing
photo session is ON!
another photo session!
It takes about 45 minutes of tour on the cruise in lake of Putrajaya and short brief regarding Putrajaya Lake was given by the tour guide. You can enjoy the moment and scenary on the cruise and mimic the scene of "Romeo and Juliet".
The foreigner! macam kat obersi lak but in fact just in MALAYSIA
the memento between Mom and I
I didnt bring 550D canon and the quality of pictures were not that good, but still ok and satisfied!! We decided to have a lunch there before we went home and I had chosen the nearest restaurant from the Cruise because of over production and secretion of acid in the stomach (da lapar sangat) haha. So just Say Hello to Nando’s! Well currently, Nando’s promoting its new menu which is Chicken Wrap and the taste was good
the best moment! Makan!
Thanks for reading!


suhana_nur said...

ngehehe...i went there with nurul and well...since we both of us are women, we were overwhelmed with 'sadden of loner' feelings along the cruise..sobs sobs sobs T_T

dedey said...

hahhaaa... so make sure after this u have to go with your partner's life... then you can have romantic dinner cruise.. :)

Azlan Strider said...


i heard bout the cruise before but never had the chance to get on board..hehe..but its looks like interesting yaa..hehehe


dedey said...


thanks,then u shud spend some times to feel the experience:)